our Services

If you're looking for a way to clear land in a eco-friendly manner, then you'll want to hire us. When you hire CAPRA you get an insured, experienced service provider that delivers a thoughtful strategy, not just a bunch of goats. 


We are a goat grazing service that offers efficient ways to manage weeds, brush and other unwanted or invasive plants. We bring our goats to your property to eat their way through vegetation, lowering the amount of biomass on the property and lowering the chances of wildfires. 


We have worked in the past with Homeowners' Associations, Irrigation Districts, City & County Officials, Fire Departments, Residential, Park & Recreation Areas.


CAPRA proudly provides services in Central and Northern California areas.


What does it cost?


All our pricing is custom based off how many of our goats we decide is necessary for your property size, how long we think it will take them to complete the job and any necessary preparation (dependent on both size and density of weeds). Once a price is agreed upon, that is what we charge. If weather interferes or something happens, you are only paying the agreed upon price.  CALL US FOR A FREE ESTIMATE!

Will I need to care for the goats?


No - you are not responsible to care for our goats. Our "goat herder” is present to ensure that all the goats stay where they are supposed to and have the appropriate attention that is necessary when they are on your property.


How do you keep the goats where you want them?


We provide portable temporary electric fencing and solar-charged power sources to contain our goats while they are working. We can concentrate our goats on small problem areas, let them roam secure properties or move them from area to area.

Will the vegetation grow back?


The short answer is "yes".  The vegetation will eventually grow back just as it will with heavy machinery. How quickly it returns is based upon the season, the condition of the vegetation in the area and the amount of post-goat maintenance needed dependent on how the goats are applied. 


How long does it take?


That depends on the density of the vegetation and the size of the property. As soon as we know more about your property and your goals, we will be able to give you an accurate estimate. 


Do you stay with the goats? Do the goats stay overnight?


Yes - our "goat herder" is present day and night nearby to care for and watch over the goats to ensure they are safe and stay in the appropriate areas on the job. Our goats will stay on your property until the job is complete.