CAPRA provides a service using goats as an eco-friendly way to manage vegetation, brush, weeds, and to help prevent wildfires. 


Our large fleet of environmentally friendly, self-propelled weed eating goats have a very high metabolism to say the least, they are always hungry and ready to go to work!


We have worked in the past with homeowners' associations, city & county officials, fire departments, park & recreations and conservancy organizations to clear invasive weeds while protecting native plant life.




Eco-friendly - Goats do not pollute and they naturally fertilize as they work.


Reduce Wildfires - Goats work across the country consuming brush to reduce fires and saving lives in the process.


Natural Immunity - Goats are immune to thorns & poison ivy and they love eating them!


Cost - Using our goat service can save you up to 50% compared to hiring men and machinery to clear your property.

Did you know?

"Capra" is another word for GOats.