CAPRA provides a service using goats as an eco-friendly way to manage vegetation, brush, weeds, and to help prevent wildfires. 


Our large fleet of environmentally friendly, self-propelled weed eating goats and sheep have a very high metabolism to say the least, they are always hungry and ready to go to work! Our fleet consist of 5,000 head Boer Spanish Cross Goats and 2,000 heads of Dorper Sheep. All our goats and sheep are up to date on their vaccinations, de-wormer and get the right medical care when needed. 


We have worked in the past with homeowners' associations, city & county officials, fire departments, park & recreations and conservancy organizations to clear invasive weeds while protecting native plant life.




Eco-friendly - Goats do not pollute and they naturally fertilize as they work.


Reduce Wildfires - Goats work across the country consuming brush to reduce fires and saving lives in the process.


Natural Immunity - Goats are immune to thorns and poison ivy and they love eating them!


                                                                           Cost - Using our goat service can save you up to 50% compared to hiring                                                                               men and machinery to clear your property.

Did you know?

"Capra" is another word for GOats.